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Pendants are a great way to compliment the clothing. Most pendants come with a sterling silver snake chain, either 16",18" or 20" long. Some pieces with handmade chains can be found under the unique category. The combination of sterling silver with dimensions in brass, as some pendants are made of, make the pendant very versatile for wearing.
above pendants consist of a sterling silver frame in some geometric form with fine silver wire woven, or crochet, into it and adding beads in the process.
These pendants are from the festival 2006 collection. Matching rings can be found under the ring section on this website, as well as earrings under 'uniques'.
Pendants are made in sterling silver with sterling silver wire balled at the ends to hold up turqoise nugget beads, amber beads, red coral beads, amethyst beads or a collection of them all. Some pendants have a few 'tenacles' twisted in a spiral, others have all tenacles straight. The spirals add more dimension to the pieces.
All these pendants have an enameled piece set in sterling silver. They can be worn reversible as each pendant has a different color shown through in the back. tiger-eye stone set in sterling silver
Chrisocolla stone (from Africa) set in sterling silver

Turqoise stone set in sterling silver

Turqoise stone set in sterlig silver with domed sterling piece

Turqoise stone set in sterling silver.

Turqoise stones set in sterling silver

These pendants are a combination of turqoise stones set in sterling silver with an addition of repousse brass. The bi-color use makes these pieces very versatile.

Red-dyed bamboo coral is set in sterling silver.

Flat glass marbles are set in sterling silver. The colors are very vivid with the sterling creating a background to the glass marble.

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